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So more bases, this time it's some actors from the JDrama Hanazakari no Kimitachi E, which I just finished watching :D I know, I'm behind the times, I haven't had a computer in almost a year, leave me alone about it okies? lol
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[x] 40 Ikuta Tohma
[x] 40 Oguri Shun
[x] 40 Yamamoto Yusuke (♥)


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.ready, set, go

So I finally remembered what I wanted to do earlier, and that was make some Tokio Hotel bases. It's not fair... Bill is so much prettier than me, and he's a boy!! Life is cruel sometimes... Like that my favorite food is Mac & Cheese, and yet I'm lactose-intolerant -sigh- on to the bases...
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[x] 40 Tokio Hotel


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.cleaning up the cobwebs

Hey there guys!! It's been awhile. I won't go into too much detail, but a long story short; I had to wipe my drive like four different times to get my computer in any kind of working order. However, I'm back now too!! -hugs brighty11- Glad to see you back as well :D

New texture package!! Contains 25 textures. More to come soon. Any base requests while I'm here?

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and it's been a while

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure you've forgotten about me by now.
m(_ _)m I'm sorry.

But it's summer again, so there's no excuse for me to not make icons! In the spirit of that I'm opening myself up for REQUESTS. Comment me a picture, a name, or just a theme, and I'll make a couple icons up for you. ♥

Again. Sorry I've been gone so long. Eighth grade, amusingly, is punishing.

But I got to go to Kiyomizu itself this year!! :D It was wonderful... here are just a few of my pictures.

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I apologize for disappearing once again. The holidays had me a little tied up, you know how it goes -shrugs- :D I'll try to update more often again now that they're over, save New Years. My boyfriend's computer also took a turn for the worst so I wasn't even able to check my journal for the longest time. (I'm never home)

One new texture pack today. Please enjoy.

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